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Great shop, I needed emergency work done while passing through Tyler Texas, I was referred to Accelerated Diesel, even though my Van was not a Diesel, they had no issues jumping in and going to work.
We had our Van towed in late after hours and they waited for us to arrive. They were out right, made no promises or expectations to get our business.
They were drop dead honest! Being a late Thursday night, we're were told that they would try and at least loo at it tomorrow (Friday) but because they had other business ahead of us to compete we were told it would most likely be Monday before any work could be done.
Friday I get a call early afternoon, expecting the worst, Nicolas tells me they have looked at the Van, and it's been Repaired! Outstanding!!!! Not only did they look at it, they repaired it all in less then 1 day.
Great shop to have your vehicle/truck/Semi repaired, fantastic workmanship, excellent customer service.

Steve Patterson

Wonderful Business!! Great shop and very friendly place!! We had an emergency break down passing threw heading home to TN from San Antonio and these guys got us in and rolling again same day!!! They are a truly amazing Business the Owners & there employees are some of the nicest people we have ever meet!!! They will shoot your right and be completely upfront with things!!! Highly highly recommend these guys if u need any work done!!! Not many good Honest shops like this around anymore!!! Thanks again for everything y'all did for us.
God bless You!!

Nicole N JD Inman

Service Performed:  I had taken coach to the dealer to fix an air leak, they said take to Freightliner, Freightliner said take it to the dealer. Found Accelerated Diesel, I showed where and how to recreate the leak. They fixed it in one day.
Evaluation of Service Performed:   Couldn't be happier. They even cleaned an area of the coach that Freightliner had another diesel smoke up the side. I will be back when more issues come up.
Value of Service:  Excellent
Quality of Service:  Excellent

Class A Diesel


Service Performed:  We broke down between Henderson and Marshall Texas on Hwy 43 in our 2007 Fleetwood Excursion, Freightliner chassis. Talked to Freightliner and got the number of the Freightliner facility in Tyler. They told me they would not be able to start work on it for 10 days. They gave me the name of a new repair facility. It's called Accelerated diesel. The owner worked for Freightliner for 20 years and left to start his own business 8 months ago. He allowed us to be towed to his place at 9pm. Will Cower helped co-ordinate the towing despite AAA's ineptitude. He left the gate unlocked for us. They started work at 8 and we left at 5 after having the A/C compressor replaced, serpentine and water pump belts replaced, system flushed. Freightliner didn't have all the parts needed but they found them elsewhere. As we were backing out of the service bay, they were cleaning the area spic and span. Very impressive.

Evaluation of Service Performed:  Excellent
Value of Service:  Excellent
Quality of Service:  Excellent

Class A - Diesel


Good folks. Good work. Great service. Dependability.

Cory V.

Great people and great work. They truly care that you leave there happy! Will go above and beyond to make that happen! Please, everyone "like"and share their page.

Diane M.

Had fuses go out in t600 they had the fuses I needed while under a load. The men I met there were family welcome type with a franchise n pets to match I totally recommend!

Laderrian B.

Five stars

Stacy P.